L.West Enterprises is the premier coaching, training and consulting agency focused on helping young professionals and entrepreneurs discover what it takes to reach the next level in their careers and finances.

Larry D. West III is the founder and President of L.West Enterprises. He is also a business coach, national speaker, and author. Prior to launching L.West Enterprises, Larry worked in higher education, corporate management, and financial services for reputable organizations such as Robert W. Baird & Co., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Abimar Foods, Inc. His diverse experience and commitment to working with young professionals has led to recognition for his ability to teach firms how to harness the power of savvy, educated, high performing millennials so that they become productive and efficient leaders primed to take companies to the next level and grow the bottom line.

Larry has earned several degrees and certifications including his MBA in Finance and Management, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, Enrolled Agent Designation, and John C. Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.

Larry launched L.West Enterprises because he believes in challenging the status quo surrounding young professionals. L.West Enterprises inspires and empowers young professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their highest potential while cultivating confidence around their career, business, finances, and future.

Larry D. West III is an experienced trainer who inspires, motivates and cultivates millennials while bringing value to any organization’s personnel development strategy. Whether at your location or in a conference setting, his training, coaching and inspiration to young professionals serves as a catalyst to help them seize their optimal potential.

Larry’s focus is on leadership, entrepreneurship, and financial planning, as these are the keys to success in any environment but especially for millennials. He blends education, experience, and sound principles from noted authors like John Maxwell, Lindsey Pollak, among many others, to drive actionable strategies and drive outcomes.